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Rosalie Torres



  • Evaluator 


Rosalie T. Torres, Ph.D. is president of Torres Consulting Group, a research, evaluation and management consulting firm specializing in the feedback-based development of programs and organizations. Formerly, she was the Director of Research, Evaluation, and Organizational Learning at the Developmental Studies Center (DSC), an educational non-profit based in Oakland, CA. She earned her Ph.D. in research and evaluation in 1989 from the University of Illinois. Over the past 27 years, she has conducted more than 60 evaluations in education, business, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations, serving in both internal and external evaluator roles. She has authored/co-authored numerous books and articles articulating practice-based theories of evaluation use; the relationship between evaluation and individual, team, and organizational learning; and communicating and reporting evaluation findings. Among them are two books from Sage Publications: Evaluation Strategies for Communicating and Reporting: Enhancing Learning in Organizations, 2nd edition (Torres, Preskill, & Piontek, 2005), and Evaluative Inquiry for Learning in Organizations (Preskill & Torres, 1999). She is a recent past board member of the American Evaluation Association, has served on the editorial boards of major evaluation journals, and served as the staff director for the 1994 revision of the Joint Committee's Program Evaluation Standards. She has taught graduate level research and evaluation courses at Western Michigan University and the University of Colorado (Denver and Colorado Springs campuses), and routinely conducts workshops on various topics related to evaluation practice. 


Evaluation to facilitate organizational learning;
Implementation and formative evaluation;
Communicating and reporting evaluation findings;
Qualitative methods;
Use of logic models to support evaluation and program development 


Torres, R. T., Preskill, H., & Piontek, M. E. (2005).
Evaluation strategies for communicating and reporting: Enhancing learning in organizations. Sage: Thousand Oaks, CA.